Conduct Related to Health Matters

  1. Apart from complying with the government laws, on health, all students shall be required to comply with health requirements as may be laid down by the College from time to time.
  2. Students may seek medical attention on all cases requiring such services as per provisions within the College. Medical treatment for students who fall ill shall normally be provided at the college dispensary at the prescribed time. Special rules and timetable shall be issued separately by the officer in charge of the clinic. Students may be referred to hospitals outside the college and this will be done by the college Nurse.
  3. Except in emergency cases, where a student wishes to seek medical services outside the College, he/she shall notify the College nurse
  4. In case of treatment required outside the College, the college will take the student to a public hospital, however the student shall use his/her NHIF cover or that of the parent if under 18 years.
  5. Where a private practitioner has treated a student, the medical report shall be submitted to the College Nurse for record.
  6. The College shall not be responsible for student treatment outside the provisions given within the College hence costs incurred for treatment obtained in health facilities other than the College shall be the full responsibility of the student and the parent, guardian or sponsor.
  7. For cases of injuries sustained by the students during sporting activities, the College will provide basic first aid support before referring the student to the nearest Government medical facility.
  8. All cases of emergency or serious illness in the hostels requiring medical attention must be reported at once to the nurse, the DOS or tutor on duty.
  9. All students should have health insurance e.g. NHIF at all times during their training.
  10. All students must adhere to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 containment Protocols.
  11. Students are encouraged to disclose their existing medical condition to the nurse or Dean of students.
  12. No student shall prescribe, administer drugs, or offer any such medical services to a fellow student or anyone else except under supervision and in the designated areas. Any student who contravenes this rule shall be guilty of serious misconduct.
  13. Female students are advised to avoid pregnancy during training. Any student who becomes pregnant in the course of her studies is advised to report the pregnancy to the DOS immediately.
  14. Such student shall apply for maternity break one month to the expected date of delivery
  15. Upon delivery the student may resume studies and join the next appropriate class.
  16. Any student experiencing pregnancy complications warranting hospital admissions or bed rest shall be advised to defer her studies.
  17. Any student who is unable to attend learning activities due to illness must report to the DOS within fourteen (14) days failure to which will be regarded as self-discontinuation.
  18. Abortion is prohibited and any student who contravenes this rule shall be guilty of a criminal offence and will be handed over to the law enforcers.