Our Core Values

Migori Teachers Training College is a government institution under the State Department of Basic Education and Early Learning. (College-specific background information). It is a public Teacher training college established by the DEB in 1983 to offer Primary Teacher Education. Over the years, the college has churned out quality teachers across the country and beyond. It admits its first Diploma in Primary and Early Childhood Teacher Education Trainees as from June 2021.


All students enrolled at Migori Teachers Training College are expected to follow all rules and regulations meant to govern the behavior and conduct of students as members of the college community. The rules, regulations and guidelines are pegged on the constitution of Kenya and Basic Education Act 2013. Formulated based on sound morals and religious principles. 


These rules and regulations are developed by the Migori Teachers Training College in accordance with the legal provisions of:

  1. The Kenyan Constitution 2010
  2. The Basic Education Act of 2013
  3. The TSC Act of 2012
  4. The TSC Code of Regulations
  5. Safety and Health Regulations of Schools (date)

iii. The Principal shall be responsible to the BOM for the adherence to these rules by the students.

iv. This Student Handbook has been developed to provide information and guidance to students admitted to undertake training at the College.

v. The regulations shall be binding to every student of the College upon registration and so long as such a student remains registered.

vi. Every student shall be required to read these regulations and sign a declaration appended herein that he/she has read and understood the contents and meaning hereof and that he/she undertakes to comply.

vii. These regulations shall apply to all students of Migori TTC.

viii. All students shall be required to read and abide by these rules and regulations.

These Rules and Regulations shall not preclude the College from requiring any student to execute any bond, assurance or undertaking to be of good conduct throughout his/her stay at the College. Once a bond, assurance or undertaking is executed, it shall have the same effect as if it were part of these rules and regulations


Our Core Values